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• Consultant profiling and behavioral analysis
• Screening and investigative interviewing
• Lectures, workshops, and training
• Executive coaching
• Boardroom Dynamics & Effectiveness
• Risk Awareness Intelligence test (RiskINT©) 

Consultant Profiling and Behavioral Analysis

We provide support to both commercial companies and government organizations/agencies. An Gaiser and her team assist organizations in mapping out behavior and providing advice on approaches in communication and behavior influence. Examples include support in sales negotiations, HR selection, as well as intelligence, security, and justice-related matters.

Screening and Investigative Interviewing 

Our team also provides support in the execution of screenings, interrogations, integrity investigations, and cultural inquiries.

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Lectures, Workshops, and Training

An Gaiser is frequently invited for keynotes and workshops, all tailored to the desires and needs of the audience. Open enrollment training sessions, as well as customized in-company training, are also available.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching programs are customized and designed to meet the desires and needs of the individual. We conduct both short-term and long-term coaching sessions. The long-term programs also incorporate training elements.

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Boardroom Dynamics & Effectiveness 

We support boards for the most effective collaboration and execution of business operations. This includes suitability assessments, self-evaluations, team analyses, and conflict resolution.

Risk Awareness Intelligence Test (RiskINT©)

We offer a test for companies that helps create more awareness of risk attitudes among employees and implement interventions.

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