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About An Gaiser Consultancy
The Problem:

There is a shift in society where phenomena like hybrid work and incidents of boundary-crossing and unethical behavior are becoming more common. Existing tools for fact-finding do not always yield the necessary results. We are accustomed to relying on what people tell us, but how do we deal with the information that is left unspoken? Motives for resistance are often withheld. How do we handle this kind of information?

The Solution:

In a time when personal contact is diminishing (in a rapidly changing society where we are required to deliver more in less time), different tools are needed to not only listen to what is being said but also to what is left unsaid. With a collection of innovative and scientifically researched methods, An Gaiser Consultancy assists clients in establishing a deeper connection with the interviewee, mapping out motivations, interests, and behavior. This approach provides more information about the causes of resistance and for effective information elicitation.

The methodology
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  • Nonverbal Assessment & Profiling: Observing, analyzing, and interpreting non-verbal behavior.
  • Investigative Interviewing: Conversations, interviewing, truth-finding, and interrogations.
  • Nonverbal Intelligence:
    The combination of non-verbal profiling and investigative interviewing involves synchronizing the timing of non-verbal behavior and interview techniques. It requires knowledge across the entire spectrum of behavior and self-reflection. Only through this combination can we gain deeper insights into motives, interests, and opportunities in the realm of behavior influence.

Mission & Vision 

An Gaiser Consultancy

An Gaiser Consultancy provides clients with innovative knowledge in the field of (unconscious) behavior, motives, and intentions. This knowledge helps individuals to better understand both themselves and others, and to develop skills for improving communication, influencing behavior, and preventing behavioral risks in the workplace.

An Gaiser

An Gaiser has a background in social work and began her career as a probation officer. She was involved in reporting and advising the court on the issues of suspects and their likelihood of reoffending. She also supervised ex-prisoners for many years. After more than nine years, she made the switch to the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), where she worked until 2019. In this role, she applied her knowledge and experience as a security investigator and screener in politically sensitive environments. Additionally, An Gaiser started her first business; AboutFace. In 2017, she also became Managing Partner of the Institute for Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis. In 2021, she decided to go in a different direction and start her own consulting firm; An Gaiser Consultancy.

Between February 2022 and February 2023, An Gaiser was also Senior Manager Forensic Integrity & Compliance at KPMG, with whom she will continue to collaborate.

An Gaiser is an expert non-verbal profiler, investigative interviewer, trainer, and coach. As a super-specialist, she has extensive experience with complex and in-depth interview situations in both the commercial and security domains. She applies validated scientific tools to achieve optimal results.

An’s expertise is specifically interesting for HR and screening programs, insider risk programs, and topics within change management. She also offers (customized) training and coaching programs. Additionally, she offers services in the areas of profiling, behavioral assessment, and business intelligence ("scripting" during sales and negotiations).



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