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An Gaiser Consultancy: Diverse Fields of Expertise

An Gaiser Consultancy is versatile and operates in various fields, including:

Security for Government and Commercial Enterprises 

In the security domain, AGC is actively involved in screening, integrity and fraud investigations, behavioral analysis, profiling, and situational awareness training.

Accountants and (Internal) Auditors 

For this audience focused on fact-finding, process mapping, and providing advice to third parties, AGC emphasizes the behavioral aspects of work. The consultancy assists in dedicating more attention to what is not said through training, guest-auditor support, and advising on complex matters.

(Youth) Counselors and Social Welfare Organizations 

With An Gaiser's background as a former social worker, AGC brings extensive experience in complex conversation management, handling resistance, dealing with psychological and psychiatric issues, and other aspects of social work. Some of their training programs are accredited by SKJ (Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd) and MFN (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland). Additionally, AGC offers opportunities for students in social work, behavioral sciences, and criminology to undertake internships.

CEOs of Medium-Sized Companies and Corporations 

Tailored coaching and training programs are offered to CEOs focusing on effective communication, behavioral change, and personal development. Services include boardroom assessments, team analyses, conflict resolution, and support in sales conversations and negotiations.

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