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Next level nonverbal intelligence & business consultancy

Welkom op de website van An Gaiser Consultancy.

Oprichter An Gaiser is specialist in non-verbale profilering en investigative interviewing. Zij wordt door zowel particulieren als bedrijven gevraagd als consultancy profiler, coach en spreker. 
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Missie & Visie 

An Gaiser Consultancy

An Gaiser Consultancy biedt klanten innovatieve kennis op het gebied van (onbewust) gedrag, motieven en intenties. Deze kennis helpt mensen om zowel zichzelf als andere mensen beter te begrijpen en vaardigheden te ontwikkelen om te komen tot betere communicatie, gedragsbeïnvloeding en voor het voorkomen van gedragsrisico’s op de werkvloer.

“An's keynotes are substantive, innovative, and strong but made practical. She is very involved, well prepared and makes strong connection with the audience. We are happy to work with An on a regular basis. 

Bart van Loon

Partner KPMG Governance Risk & Compliance

‘I had the pleasure to listen to-and work with- An Gaiser on numerous events and projects. The great thing about An is that she is an inspiring thought leader but at the same time humble about her expertise. She is very approachable and down to earth. I really value the way she can put her extensive knowledge across and engage her audience. Some experts repeat the trick they are good at over and over again, but An really puts in the effort to apply her knowledge to the question, audience, subject or task at hand. She provided valuable insights and enriched the knowledge of me and my team every time our paths crossed!’ 

Danielle Dielissen

Lead Behavioral Risk & Integrity team, Global Compliance Rabobank

"I have had trainings, presentations and worked together with An in the last view years. I've seen her work from a participant perspective and behind the scenes. She is a natural speaker, very engaging and an incredible and unique content expert. She is trustworthy in both her delivery as well as the content she shares, ensuring rigor and thoughtfulness behind her work, which is key in this sector. She really makes an impact by practically helping individuals and organizations alike." 

Elsine van Os

Founder Signpost Six

“An Gaiser combines being a 'pur sang' professional in a particularly beautiful way and makes an impact with her personal story. Through her unique, surprising presentations and take aways, she has proven to be able to bind and fascinate diverse groups.” 

Col Drs KMar (retd) Paul Th.B.M van Vroonhoven


“Through her insight, empathy and charisma, An Gaiser has repeatedly shown that she can combine her intensive professional experience and an innovative approach to non-verbal communication into a fascinating whole that appeals to people from all kinds of backgrounds and makes them think. It makes one plus one more than two. "

Herman Ilgen

institute of Non-verbal Strategy Analysis (INSA- foundation).

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