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Non-Verbal Profiler and Investigative Interviewer

One or Multi-Year Training for Non-Verbal Profiler and Investigative Interviewer

Both the Scherpschutters podcast and Boeiend, the police podcast, posed the question: "How do you become a non-verbal profiler and investigative interviewer?" We hope to finally provide an answer to that question in 2025 by offering a one or multi-year training program (duration depends on availability, such as full-time or part-time options). This program can be pursued at one's own pace, starting with the following courses:

  • Non-Verbal Profiling
  • Conversational Skills & Non-Verbal Intelligence
  • Bootcamp Investigative Interviewing
  • Profiling & Risk Management

After completing these foundational courses, participants can continue the program at their own pace, which includes:

  • A training on "Reporting in a Forensic Setting"
  • 2 individual bootcamp training sessions with an actor
  • Coaching and reflection sessions with An Gaiser
  • A minimum 200-hour internship at a self-chosen (forensic) location or, if available, at An Gaiser Consultancy, or a combination of both
  • Writing a paper, choosing a case (from the internship period or fictitious), addressing all learning objectives for the program

Pricing per component:

  • The four foundational courses: €5,280.00 excluding VAT
  • Part 2 of the program: €4,775.00 excluding VAT

Total program cost: €10,055.00 excluding VAT

Note 1: Costs are paid per training component and never in full. This allows for a thorough understanding of each other and an assessment of the learning outcomes for each training. To ensure quality and educational burden, a discussion is held between part 1 and part 2 about the achieved learning objectives and readiness for the second part.

Note 2: This program does not certify you for the commercial use of the INSA method. To do so, additional elements of the training at the INSA foundation must be completed. However, you will receive an exemption from the basic training at INSA: "Seeing through and Acting Precisely." Discussions with the INSA foundation can determine if more exemptions are possible.


  • A certificate of participation is issued for each training in part 1.
  • A certificate of completion of the entire program is issued when all components are successfully completed.

Are you considering becoming a non-verbal profiler and investigative interviewer but want to discuss your wishes, needs, goals, and suitability first? Feel free to contact us!

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Non-Verbal Profiler and Investigative Interviewer

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