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Purpose and content of the webinar:

An Gaiser takes you into the myths and science of non-verbal behavior and how you can use this knowledge in practice.

An also uses examples to show how she works with her teams using the self-developed methodology. You will also receive an overview of training courses, products and services offered at An Gaiser Consultancy.


Non-verbal communication
• Myths and science
• New developments in the field of assessment and observation
• Non-verbal impact
• Various methods

• What is investigative interviewing and where is it used
• Interrogations
• internal audit/Integrity and fraud investigation/Risk & Compliance
• Tools for good research

Non-verbal intelligence
• Situational & self Awareness
• The spectrum of behavior and behavioral problems
• Dealing with resistance and how to influence

In short, a nice overview of what we do at An Gaiser Consultancy b.v., including tips that will immediately make you think about your way of communicating!

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  • 1 hour
  • ENG: Dates will follow.